The Advantages of Using E-Storm in the Food Processing Environment


☑️ Effective Disinfection: Hypochlorous Acid is known for helping in reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination.

☑️ Non-Toxic and Safe: Unlike traditional chemical disinfectants, E-Storm HOCL is non-toxic and safe for use on food products. It is a mild and environmentally friendly disinfectant that does not leave harmful residues on processed meat, fruits, veg and fish.

☑️ Extended Shelf Life: By effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms, E-Storm HOCL helps extend the shelf life of meat and fish products. This can result in reduced food waste and improved processed meat and fish.

☑️ Odor Control: E-Storm HOCL helps in controlling unpleasant odours that may be associated with meat and fish processing. It neutralizes odorous compounds, making the products more appealing to consumers.

☑️ Versatile Application: E-Storm HOCL can be applied through various methods such as spraying, dipping, or fogging, making it a versatile disinfection solution for different processing needs in the food industry.

☑️ Compliance with Regulations: The use of E-Storm HOCL in food processing aligns with regulatory standards and guidelines for food safety. It is an approved disinfectant by food regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Fully compliant with the European Biocidal products regulations.



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