Yes, E-Storm is a disinfectant & sanitizer that kills 99.9% of any bacteria activities.  E-storm can be used in the home as a disinfectant and sanitizer and within commercial businesses such as hospitals, schools, care homes, veterinary clinics, restaurants, hotels, fitness facilities and more.

E-storm has a faint clean smell.

For effective disinfecting and sanitizing do not add any additional fragrance. It will interfere with the results of the Hypochlorous acid.

E-storm needs to be used within 2 weeks.  Hypochlorous acid due to its high reactively turns back into just ordinary salt and water within 1 – 2 weeks.  Given it replaces disinfectants, sanitizers, multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners & deodorizers, a bottle can be easily used up well within 7 – 14 days and it only takes 5 minutes to make another one!

E-Storm is Hypochlorous Acid which is proven to eliminate Sars COv-2  the virus that causes Covid-19.

Yes, very easy to make.   Fill the E-Storm appliance with tap water and table salt as per instructions,  push the start button and in 5 minutes E-storm is ready to clean, disinfect, sanitize & deodorize.

E-Storm is multi-purpose and can be used on most surfaces for disinfecting, sanitizing or deodorizing.  E-storm can be used on laminate, glass, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, vinyl and to sanitize high-touch surfaces such as door handles.  As E-storm also eliminates odors you can safely spray on fabrics, pet bedding and directly on pets as there are no harmful residues.  It can be used on clothes and shoes.  As well as household surfaces E-storm can be used on the skin as an anti-bacterial spray and to dissolve pesticides in food preparation. 

E-storm is completely safe due to its natural compound it is very unlikely to cause any irritation associated with other cleaners and disinfectants which contain chemicals, preservatives and dangerous additives.

It is completely natural (water and salt) so no harmful chemicals are being poured down our drains causing water pollution.  When chemicals are poured down our drain the impact chemicals have on our rivers, lakes, streams and other water sources cause them to be unsafe for consumption for all living creatures.

When chemical products are used in our homes, they cause air pollution to our planet and our home environment.  Within our homes these can cause various health problems to our family members, children and pets including irritation to eyes, throat, allergies, be the cause of headaches and respiratory issues.  Some are even linked to cancer. E-storm will not pollute the planet or your home or cause any reaction to you or your family, children or pets as it is just water and salt.

E-storm also reduces our plastic waste as it is just 1 appliance that will make hundreds of bottles of disinfectant. It replaces 80% of household chemical cleaners and single use plastic bottles that they are supplied in.

Yes, E-storm kills 99.9% bacteria. On contact with bacteria and viruses it provides a fast kill. Spray onto your hands and wait until dry. More effective and 100% safer for your family than chemical/alcohol based products which with prolonged use can cause dermatitis. 

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