In our fight against COVID 19 sanitizers and disinfectants have now become an inherent part of our daily lives and are used multiple times per day. However, it is vital to note the chemical compounds contained within them.

Chemical-based products can leave harmful toxins in the air along with chemical residues on skin and surfaces. Studies show that breathing in these types of toxins can cause serious health complications which are concerning for ourselves and our families. These chemicals can trigger asthma, cause skin reactions, eye irritation, headaches, and nausea. The UK poison Information Service report that 65% of cases of poisoning are due to accidental swallowing of household disinfectant products by children 5 years of age or less. These are concerning facts, however, we continue to them daily.

These types of products are not only harmful to humans but also to our planet. Toxic wastes from these are being flushed down our sinks polluting and sending chemicals through our water systems affecting the ecosystem and causing thermal pollution.

The good news is that there is a new generation of household disinfecting slowly creeping into the market which is 100% natural but has the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and carries no hazardous warnings. This has been used in the medical and food industry for many years, this is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL).

E-Storm HOCL does not contain any chemicals that are hazardous and is safe to use around children and pets without any concerns of harmful toxins and E-Storm Solutions is bringing E-Storm HOCL to the commercial market in the form of a small appliance. This appliance can transform salt and water into E-Storm HOCL through an electrical current in just 5 minutes. E-Storm Eco-spray is being successfully used in various industries including travel, gyms, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

It’s a mindset change, we all need to be more considered in our choices when purchasing disinfectants and sanitizers. Read the warnings on the back rather than trusting them just on their brand name. Let’s spread the word about the new generation of cleaning so we can re-educate our children and live in a healthier safer, non-toxic environment.


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