E-Storm Ultra

E-Storm Ultra

E- storm ultra 2 Litre disinfectant acid (HOCI) generator cleaner. System kit includes free test strips.

Generated HOCI can be transferred into spray bottles or used in portable foggers in required.

Highly effective in removing biofilm, eradicating moulds/ fungus leaves no harmful residuals.



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How it works?

Making HOCI natural disinfectant very easy to operate. Just fill the pitcher with tap water,add salt and vinegar. Power on the system and within a few minutes a natural disinfectant is produced HOCI with a ph of 4- 6, ppm of 200.

E-storm ultra can generate different concentration,which can be used for washing fruits and vegetables, food processing area, disinfecting surfaces, and fogging.


  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) Generator
  • Touch button controls
  • Platinum and Titanium Electrodes
  • Digital display cycle progress
  • LED lights
  • Removable pitcher for filling

Technical Specifications

  • Model: OLS-X5
  • Colour: White
  • Length of wire 1.6
  • Size: 210 – 182 – 336mm
  • Weight: 1.6KG
  • Dimension 210*182*336mm
  • Frequency 50HZ
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Battery: 2000ml
  • Power :33W
  • Power Supply :12v/ 275 Ap


      • E-storm Ultra System
      • Power Adapter (Euro Plug Adapter included for orders shipping to Europe)
      • Test strips for measuring the concentration of hypochlorous acid (0 to 200 ppm)
      • 1 gram measuring spoon

Useful links:

Evaluation of Liquid- and Fog-Based Application of Sterilox Hypochlorous Acid Solution for Surface Inactivation of Human Norovirus   

HOCL Fogging Effectiveness (NIH Paper) – June 25, 2020




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