Zero Waste Cleaning

It has become clear that the earth can’t cope with the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste we are creating and plastic pollution is changing the world as we know it. It is destroying our planet and killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals and birds due to plastic ingestion or entanglement. Modifying the way we live to use less plastic will make the world of difference. One place to start is your cleaning cupboard. If you open this up and consider the amount of plastic bottles that are used and discarded every month you will be surprised. Most households purchase around 5 plastic bottles containing different types of cleaning products every month. Disinfectants, bleaches, window cleaners, air fresheners, multi-purpose surface cleaners. Every year, the UK produces more than two million tonnes of plastic waste, roughly 36kg per person, according to Statista.


We need to start to consider how we can keep our homes germ free and clean coupled with looking after our planet and this means finding an alternative solution to single use plastic bottle waste.

The cleaning market is starting to look at refillable options in different formats to help the single bottle waste and E-Storm is one of those products. This handy appliance is an eco-friendly dual use gadget. It not only generates natural disinfectant in just 5 mins, this appliance is also the spray bottle you use to disinfect your home. Once the product is used up you simply use the appliance again to make more.

This one single product will replace 80% of your household cleaning products, taking you one step closer to a zero waste lifestyle.


Tips on Zero Waste, Sustainable Cleaning

⦁ Keep your home minimalist
⦁ Multipurpose surface disinfectant can be replaced by E-Storm disinfectant
⦁ Use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to tackle limescale
⦁ Lemon or Vinegar are both great degreasers
⦁ The addition of white vinegar to E-Storm makes a great alternative to window cleaner
⦁ E-Storm is great as a stainless steel cleaner
⦁ Air freshers can be replaced by E-Storm as it is a powerful natural deodorizer
⦁ Use E-Storm to clean pet bowls
⦁ Opt for natural, reusable cotton cloths
⦁ Try a natural coconut washing up sponge
⦁ Use E-Storm for all sanitation including your hands, clothes, fabrics, children’s toys